Corporate information


A new way of understanding the development of applications, along with a solid technical structure, they are the key factors for this company which has a management team with proven experience in the business world, has today become a company of reputable experience, not only by the know-how of the team, but by the commitment we have with our customers and partners


Taking the INNOVATION as a target, introducing innovations in the technological field of point of sale software. Innovation is a key differentiating factor of our company, a brand identity and essential part of the culture and the business model that we manage.


We are one of the companies leader in the field of software for point of sale, not only by our professionalism, but our company policy, always respectful with our customers and partners. Our experience on customer service, through the great human and professional team that shapes the company, makes TBS FACTORY, a company of reference in the technology sector.


Our goal is to consolidate TBS FACTORY, as a global company, providing our solutions and our know-how, so that we can continue with our innovations and applying our dynamic differential factors.